True Love Always (Remastered)

by Drowning Room

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Remaster of our full-length release, "True Love Always" originally released in spring, 1997.


released April 17, 2017

Shane Chikeles - Drums
Karl Krebs - Guitar
Sean Mesler - Vocals
Greg Nazak - Bass

Recorded at Sanctuary Studios, winter 1996-1997. Remastering by Shane Chikeles.



all rights reserved


Drowning Room Poughkeepsie, New York

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Track Name: True Love Always
I've counted days on end
Alone and so afraid
With no one to share my greatest days
In misery I've waded
Only holding me
Always wondering what true love is

I wish I could go back to the first day
When I held you in my arms and first learned your name
I would do anything to carry you again
All I want is to feel your skin

In embrace against mine
As the sweat keeps us warm
I'll gaze into your glowing green eyes
And cradle myself in your arms

My soul was yours to hold
As fragile as it is
The worst thing you could do is to let go
And let me descend

Salvation lingers in your fingers
And on your lips
I die inside without your kiss
Haunted by demons who without reason
refuse to let go
And if you loved me then why did you?

How ironic that the one who brought a smile to my face
Should be the one who takes it away

Damn you so called "lover"
You swore you would never leave me
A promise broken I trusted
And my sick heart still loves you to this day
Track Name: Sunday's Best
6 am daylight bleeds through the night
And my bloodshot eyes curse its sight
Another 24 years till I sleep again
Another 24 lifetimes till I find some rest
A day of maladies and formalities
As I smile for a while just to please

But if I could die and trade a tear from my eyes
My warped mind would finally be at ease

Daily pleasures seem more like treasures
And I succumb to cheap thrills that just kill
I stand cruciform as I'm beat by the storm
I wonder what tomorrow will bring

I sift through the ruins
To find Sunday's best
When God shined fortune on everyone's head
I overslept
Track Name: A KIlling Seed
You were supposed to protect me
Your love was to be without end
But mother I'm alone now
Where do I turn?

How could I have known, all along
You'd be the one to bring me down?
An afterbirth of no real worth
How dare you call me "son?"

I called you "mother"
While you shoved your religion and hopes
Down my constricting throat
You raped my innocence
With your aspirations
And when I failed you I was shunned
I am not your son

I was not born to bear your scorn
If you could see I'm so much more
But if you can not see it, well then so be it
I never asked to be born

Then ripped from the womb
A killing seed was planted
See how much I've grown
Track Name: The Moment
Blast furnace words meant to kill
Thrust from our lips
As we choke on formed habits of spite
Reconciliation slips

Stripped away
By every killing word we spoke
Ripped away
Your love for me with every stroke
Killing me
With every tear I shed in vane
The memories
Change not a thing because you still feel the same

We stand at odds
When it's love that brought us here
Wounds run too deep to mend
And hate is what keeps us here

So the lies proved themselves true
As we turn away from this rose thorn year
We both know it's through
Track Name: Monstrosity
The slipknot tightens
Choking the life out of me
Eyes open to see you watching
Something that I refuse to believe
I'm sinking deeper in pain
To the point where I've given up hope
I will reach out to you
But it only tightens the rope

Blood drips from my finger tips
As I'm still bleeding from our last kiss
Below the surface a monster waits
To be unleashed by my hate

Years of tears gone dry
Not the last that I'll ever shed
Can you sit there and ask why
Love will not rear its head?
I've not changed but become myself
And this might not please your eyes
But I've failed and been nailed
You're part of this, do you dare deny?

Blood drips from my finger tips
As I'm still bleeding from our last kiss
Below the surface a monster waits
To be unleashed by my hate

Now my blood is dry
An open wound as the sweat goes deep
I lived a life once full of love
But that love has brought this change in me
If I die here I'll blame you
And those who caused my pain
Be it blood, friend, foe
Know this monster has my name
Track Name: Rise and Fall of a Superhero
Suffer through words spoken
That bleed through hero's lips
Choke on beliefs long dead
Fallen heroes' graves unearthed

To reveal dried remains
Of those we once praised

A standard that moves in reverse
A stalls right before our eyes
Champion martyr words defiled
"Until death" never realized

I will bend to this trend
And upset the sleeping deity
My crusted eyes wiped clean by lies
I now see so clearly

The words they said mean nothing
Their scriptures falsified
Our discontent for words they said
Brings us a new hero's demise
Track Name: Divinity Syndrome
Beautiful one so alone
Wondering, wandering, aimless
Trying to carve a niche for yourself
But what you've done carves you lifeless

Display of shame for all to see
As you bare yourself for them
A friendly face never earns first place
You'll soon be forgotten

Bludgeon your emotions
With their mallet of judgment
Divinity Syndrome

A stain sets in that can't be bleached
As you deflect their stares
You're numb to harmful, watching eyes
As you parade compared

Sharp tongue dismissal of discouragement
Spread your angel wings
To ascend to new heights of
Superficial dreams

And when you take the stage once more
The lights reveal what you've become
Your altered face no longer beautiful
The dreams of life you've woken from

You can never go back and do it all again
The gowns, the sashes and crowns mean not a thing
The flowers have died just as you have inside
Beauty queen, no longer seen as divine
Track Name: Desperate
I won't punish myself for you again
I won't bleed for you
You will wish you hadn't given up
You will bleed

I'm so afraid of what I might do
Not to myself but to you
You will lose your grip on me
And I will make you see

I will squeeze the life from your heart
I will feel your cold flesh
You will forever stare that death blank stare
You will feel...

My love turned hatred

I don't want to hate you, but I'd love to
So that you never see me cry again
I don't want to hurt you, but I have to
So that you never see me cry

I can't stand to see you smile
Meanwhile I play with thoughts so vile
I will do my worst to take that smile from you
I'm so afraid of what I might do
Track Name: Gravel
The weight of guilt
Thrust upon my shoulders
I never thought that it would grip me
And now I'm being crushed
I am what I thought I was
So far above
Now I find myself eye to eye
With those I once spat upon

Forgiveness would only mean permission
To walk the side of love I once felt for myself
Now I am stripped bare
And standing exposed to any blow you can throw

The shame I feel
Saying words I know I mean
A moment of weakness breaks the bough
And I fall to the ground
I still feel as though it was meant to be
For you and me
But with something like this
I can't help but turn away

My reflection once made me smile
That smile is gone and I'm trying so hard
To shed a tear. Have I become calloused
Knowing what pain I hope I've put you through?

When all is said and done
I feel so much more betrayed
Walked away with my head low
Because I lied to my face

I will never lie to myself again
How can I expect everything to be fine?
When I'm still trying to pick myself up off the ground
And I know all too well I could have declined!